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Why the training DID NOT WORK!

Change happens when you do. Embrace temporary incompetence. All the good things happen outside of your comfort zone. P.S. There are less than 50 passes left to the Million Dollar Agent Bootcamp on Tuesday 26 Sep in Sydney, with John McGrath & Troy Malcolm.   If you learned something new, please share it: (1453)

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Prospecting strategies from #1 agent over 20 years: James Tostevin

As the #1 agent for over 20 years in Australasia, James Tostevin is going to share with you some incredible prospecting strategies and advice that he would give to his son who was new in real estate. This is a snippet from our monthly Mentoring Webinars within the Real Estate Gym. The doors are now…

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Agent writes $700K in his first year on the Real Estate Gym

This is unprecedented! Edward Smyth is the first agent I’ve ever met who’s written $700k in his first year in the industry. He works in an area where his avg sale price is $750k. Edward became a student of the Real Estate Gym before becoming a licenced agent and today, he is going to share…

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Self-Coaching: How you can stop making rejection personal

Rejected whilst door-knocking or cold-calling? Don’t take it personally.  Missed out on a listing after you’ve spent hours with the potential vendors? Don’t take it personally.  Got a buyer who’s pulled out of a deal? Don’t take it personally.  Here’s how you can let go of the emotional poison that is blocking you from success. ACTION STEP:…

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How a Real Estate Agent can Win the Digital, Social & Traditional Interview

Real estate is no longer about selling real estate. There are low-cost models and private sale models readily available. There are also a lot of cheap agents who do cheap commissions. You can’t control that. What you can control is how you choose to provide an amazing service to help your vendor achieve House Price…

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Gary Vaynerchuk – Attraction Agent 4.0 (FULL INTERVIEW)

Gary Vaynerchuk reveals things that a Real Estate Agent must do if you want to dominate your marketplace. Whether you’re a new real estate or a million dollar agent, this is a MUST WATCH. To download the implementation worksheet for this training, login to your Real Estate Gym membership. The Real Estate Gym doors have…

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