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What are the next steps if you haven’t signed up the listing?

Matthew Everingham is one of the Directors and owners of Richard Matthews. Over the last 2 decades, he has transitioned from junior agent to million dollar agent to business owner and selling principal. The Real Estate Gym doors are now closed. Join the waitlist for the next available opportunity.   If you learned something new,…

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The 9 Digital Strategies to Dominate Your Marketplace

There are no more blind dates in real estate. Your potential vendors are stalking you right now. Yet, most agents either don’t have a social media page because they think it’s all too hard, or they have a Facebook page that doesn’t get any views or results. In this video, I’m going to reveal the…

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Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Cialdini, Bob Wolff & Chris Voss’ Best Real Estate Success Tips

This video contains 7 mins of GOLD! I interviewed Dr. Robert Cialdini, Bob Wolff, Chris Voss and Gary Vaynerchuk on their best real estate success tips. It’s what you do after the video that counts. The Real Estate Gym doors close on FRIDAY! If you’re the type of person who watches my training videos, but you don’t do anything afterward, you…

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The Irrefutable System to Attract Listings Every Month

Imagine never having to worry about where your next listing is going to come from. As your coach in the Real Estate Gym, I will show you to execute your 12-month Marketing Calendar to attract a constant pipeline of sellers. The Real Estate Gym doors will close in just 2 days! This is your FINAL CHANCE to…

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If you don’t have a PA – you are the PA

This is something you may not want to hear, but need to hear: If you don’t have a PA – you are the PA. I have never ever seen an amazing real estate agent without an epic team. Having a Red PA and a Blue PA means you can totally dominate your marketplace. In the…

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November Phone Blitz

The agent who generates the most appointments wins. In this coaching video, I reveal the most important calls you need to make in November – who to call and what to say to secure listings for the New Year. These prospecting strategies are used by the top 1% of agents. The Real Estate Gym doors…

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