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The 2019 Irresistible Listing Presentation: Part 1/2

Why is it so important to have an irresistible listing presentation? Because if you’ve got a presentation that devastates your competitors, you’ll motivate yourself to try and create listing opportunities. In this training video, I’m going to reveal the modern-day formula to have an irresistible listing presentation. > Download the Pre-List Questions that you need…

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November ‘List to Launch’ Strategy

This is the strategy that all the top agents use every November to secure and vacuum all the listings out of the market ready for January. It’s simple, here’s what you need to do… 00:00 It’s November, and this month is the month you’re going in giving your marketplace your view of what’s gonna happen…

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Why the #1 CRM system for agents is not a program

What’s the best CRM an agent can have? Pssst… they all work, but they need THIS to work them… Real Estate Gym doors open next week! To get all the full training video complete with scripts & dialogues and action steps, join the waitlist.   If you learned something new, please share it and spread…

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How to move on after a tragedy

People will often say to you, “You have to focus on the solution, not the problem. You have to be strong… ” but sometimes even the most empowering words feel empty. So how do you actually cope and move forward after a tragedy? I share my experiences after the recent loss of my brother. I…

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5 Strategies to Get Every Listing Sold in 30 days

This is ep. 204 of the Million Dollar Agent Podcast with John McGrath, Tom Panos & Troy Malcolm: How to get every listing sold within 30 days + Live Q&A. The Real Estate Gym doors are currently closed. Please join the wait list to be notified as soon as there are spots available. If you learned…

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Expired listings are caused by expired behaviour

It’s October, and I want you to understand as this video is being viewed, you have competitors who are leaving their jobs in real estate. This is because expired listings are caused by expired behaviour. There are 10 critical things you need to do in October to finish strong and secure listings for the New…

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