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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

What the top 1% agents are doing – John McGrath

John McGrath & I reveal what the leading real estate agents are doing right now to: create buyer urgencywin listings at realistic pricesget vendors aligned with today’s pricesbuild their personal brand, and gain market share. Plus, we discuss the best ideas from AREC over the last 21 years. SHARE this and you can win a…

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Don’t be a gutless agent. Be a ‘Doctor’

A skilled real estate agent is no different from being a doctor. Your vendors are not looking for you to save them, they’re looking for a professional who can get the job done. Use this price alignment script on your vendors to help them get the best result! Reminder – the Real Estate Gym doors…

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How to give bad news whilst maintaining trust – Kate Strickland

Is it possible to tell vendors what they don’t want to hear whilst still maintaining their trust? One of the best agents in the country Kate Strickland reveals how you can achieve this. She is currently working with a vendor who’s property is undergoing a price correction of $1 million. The full video is only in…

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Obsessing on your goal can be detrimental to your results – Geoff Jowett

Stop obsessing on the goal, obsess on the process instead. Mindset coach Geoff Jowett is one of the pioneers in the Australian weight loss and fitness industry. Having helped many agents lose weight and stay healthy, Geoff reveals how the principles of success in weight loss can be applied to achieve results in real estate.…

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Dysfunctions of a Real Estate Team

Real Estate Gym members can login and watch the full interview & downlaod the resources Are there signs of ‘artificial harmony’ in your team? Troy Malcolm is the Head of Learning & Development at McGrath and my co-host on the Million Dollar Agent Podcast. He reveals the main dysfunctions of a real estate team. You…

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What are the proposed changes to Negative Gearing & Capital Gains Tax?

This is a MUST WATCH for any agent/broker in Australia who wants to be a trusted advisor to their buyers, sellers and investors. DOWNLOADS: Labor’s Negative Gearing Policy – a Market Update FINAL March2019Download Labor’s Negative Gearing Policy March2019Download We cover: How the policy changes can impact the current housing market conditions including sale and…

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