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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

Interview with the #1 lister at hockingstuart – Nick Renna

In this interview, real estate coach & trainer Tom Panos interviews Nick Renna from hockingstuart. Nick is the #1 lister for the group, writing between $1.5-2.2 million in fees himself per year. Nick is known as the ‘King of Databasing’ and having the best stay-in-touch strategy in the business. This interview is practical, direct and…

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How to use PR to exponentially grow your brand

Real estate coach & trainer Tom Panos interviews Kylie Davis (Real Estate National Network Editor at NEWS Ltd) and discusses how real estate agents can get quoted in the media. You will learn some of the secrets to make you a magnet for journalists, and help you become a 7-figure Attraction Agent. You will also…

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Tom Panos interviews Tony Williamson – RE/MAX Cairns

Real estate coach & trainer Tom Panos interviews Tony Williamson. Tony is the owner of RE/MAX Cairns, one of North Queensland’s leading and fastest growing offices in the country.   Tony shares the winning attitudes and behaviours of Attraction Agents in this current market place. By watching this video, you will learn the path he…

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Tom Panos interviews Bill Malouf

Bill Malouf is the #1 agent for LJ HOOKER worldwide, 15 years in a row. In this growing business that is looking to expand, Bill discusses the critical behaviours that have made him one of Australia’s real estate icons. Straight and hard hitting, this interview is 10mins of gold.   Download and listen to the…

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Tom Panos interviews Georg Chmiel, CEO of LJ Hooker

Georg Chmiel is the CEO of LJ Hooker worldwide and in this exclusive interview with Tom Panos, Georg covers what he has observed as the key ingredients of a top sales agent and top principal. Having a helicopter view of the industry, Georg has the ability to analyse what’s working and what’s not. You will…

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Tom Panos interviews Adam Flynn

Tom Panos interviews Adam Flynn, CEO of Biggin & Scott Knox, VIC Adam Flynn has a proven track record as being one of Melbourne’s most successful estate agents. As current CEO of Biggin & Scott Knox, Adam continues to secure 14K in commissions in an avg. market price of 400K, as well as 10K in…

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