The most accurate test to determine if you’ll be successful in real estate

The most accurate test to determine whether you’ll be successful as a real estate agent is HEXACO. Using evidence-based science, it measures these six dimensions…

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00:01 This is the reason why I set up the real estate gym, I wanna become very clear, this is the main reason. It’s because of this test, Hexaco, is the most accurate test whether you’ll be successful in real estate. What it measures is a number of factors. Now many people have done an IQ test, many people have done disc test, Myers-Brigg, there’s all these tests that are out there. But the Hexaco test is the most interesting test, because what it measures is all these things. And it measures that people that succeed in real estate score really high on this one here, the C.

00:38 Can I tell you what the C’s made up of? Out of 100%, it’s made up of four things. 25, 25, 25, and 25. Let me give you the first 25%. What the research shows is you’ll be more successful in a job that is commissioned based if you score high on the first 25%, which is diligence. Diligence is worth 25%. What does it mean? Hard work. If you work hard, you already have a major advantage over the rest of the people. That’s 25%.

01:16 The second 25%. So hard work’s not enough, but listen to me, the absence of hard work means that you won’t succeed. But hard work alone is not enough because you can work hard doing the wrong shit. Right? There’s plenty of people, you seen them, they work their ass off. Their fucking on the phones ringing people, people, people. They’re running around, they’re always flat out. And then you come back, you look, how come they got no listings? They major in the minor things. That’s what they do. They major on the minor things. Hard work is not enough, but it’s the first 25%.

01:55 Next 25. Guess what it is? Organisation. That’s worth 25%, being organised. If you use your memory as a to do list, you’re not organised. If you use your memory as your CRM system, you’re not organised. What is organisation look like? It’s really simple. For some people, it’s yellow stick notes. You know what? It’s better than nothing. For some people it’s actually a handwritten diary, five things they had to write they gotta do. For some people it’s all automated, their CRM system shoots off what they do. Just be organised. That’s worth 25%.

02:37 Next 25. Perfectionism. People think that perfectionism is a bad thing, not the research. The research shows that people that don’t double check their work do worse in business. You don’t check everything, but you check the important things. If you’ve ever sat on a plane you’ll notice the pilot will say to one pilot, hydraulics check. The next pilot says, hydraulics check. They double-check their work. So I have to say to you, if you’re blasé about the details it can affect whether you’re gonna be successful. Some things matter, you can’t actually just be sort of, I’ll just go with the flow.

03:25 Here’s the last 25. This is why I set up the gym. It’s called prudence. Prudence. And what prudence means is this, the decision you make, the path you go down, your system, the recipe you’re using. What it is, is this. Can I ask you, you know your office? Lang and Simmons at …

04:06 Rosebury.

04:07 Rosebury. Which direction is it from here?

04:11 That way.

04:12 Where is it?

04:13 That way. Somewhere that way.

04:16 Who knows where Rosebury is? Which way? That way? Okay. That way, okay? Let’s assume I’ve got a goal, and my goal is to go to Rosebury. My goal is to go to Land and Simmons, Rosebury. That’s my goal. And let’s assume I’m really hard working, right? And let’s assume I’m organised, and let’s assume I’m perfect, so what I say is for me to get there I will take one stride at a time. And I will be organised and I’ll make sure I do it in a systematic way. But guess what? Instead of me going that way, which is where I was supposed to go, someone says to me, you wanna go to Lang and Simmons, Rosebury, that’s that way. So what happens in an organised way? I head out that way.

05:06 So I can do everything right, but if I actually take the wrong path, the wrong direction, it’s gonna take me 25 years to get there. Because the world is round, and eventually I’ll get there. I can crash through walls, I can walk through the hail, I’m gonna keep going. But I’m going in the wrong direction. So what happens is about four, five years ago I used to get people just ringing me up. Tom, I wanna just pick your brain. I wanna this, I wanna this. And then I thought to myself, you know what? Every time I give people advice, it’s sort of the same, but it’s also a little bit different. And then I worked it out.

05:47 There’s not one way to succeed in real estate. One guy sits and door knock, door knocks, door knocks. Another person just shoots really hot videos and gets people calling them. Another person uses the auction system and they create this attraction business. Another person just works on their own. Another person has a team of three or four people. And I worked it out, there’s not one way to do it. So what did I do? I thought to myself, I will just keep getting other real estate agent’s content, find out what they’re doing. Their scripts, their templates, their forms, their business units, how they pay people. And what I’ll do is I’ll create this library.

06:19 And then I thought about it, Tom, what’s the biggest problem with training? The biggest problem with training is people go to AREC and fucking forget AREC the next day. So what you gotta do is you gotta be at AREC every day. So then I thought to myself, okay so here’s a bit of a formula. And you know what else I worked out? People don’t want to travel all the time to do to a conference. Like you’re here today, but a lot of people don’t actually like sitting next to other real estate agents. And they’d rather be sitting on an iPhone and iPad. So I just got this picture and I thought, really simple. It’s very simple. For about 10 bucks a week just create this model where people have just got all this content all the time that’s flying to them, and then I decided, you know what? And now we started doing it, which is this.

06:59 That if we can add three or four events a year, and just make them really cost-effective, you can give people all the information and the path to go down. So we clearly now know that there’s no reason why you can’t succeed. If you’re hard working, if you’re organised, if you double check your work, and now you’ve got a clean recipe. The truth is, you have shut every door to the reason why you’ll fail in real estate. So it’s not whether are you able? The question is, are you willing? That is more the answer now.

07:27 The answer is, are you willing. Now here’s the thing about willing. I’ll tell you what, if you got plenty of money, it’s probably not so good in real estate. I’ll tell you why. Because if you’re in a bit of a comfort zone, like in real estate you’re either all in or all out. It’s really hard to sort of be, I’m sort of dabbling in a bit of real estate. Like you’re either on track, or off track. You can’t just sort of do it, you know I do a bit of freelancing real estate. You’re either dominating the marketplace, or you’re being dominated. That’s the way it is.

07:58 We have entered uncharted time. Prices are dropping. Your vendors want too much. Scroops and dollars of yesterday have now expired. Do you know how to grow an effective business unit? You need more listings. No one’s gonna come to the rescue. It’s time to go pro.

08:25 I opened an office at 22. I’m no textbook teacher. No training programmes survives collision with reality. I feel your pain. I will show you exactly what works, and why I trained more million dollar agents than anyone else in Australasia.

08:50 What an amazing opportunity to grow your market share. My real estate gym members are not just surviving, they’re thriving. You’re given scrips and dialogues. You’re given templates. You are in a community of success and on top of online, you’ve got offline. I’m with you on a face to face basis with exclusive workshops for real estate gym members only. The real estate gym comes with my prospector. A self-accountability tool that has helped real estate agents make prospecting a world-class ritual for them. The real estate gym doors are now open. Press the link below and for less than three coffees a week, I will be your coach for the next 12 months. Let’s plan a future bigger than your past. Never let your personal history get in the way of your destiny. Who you are, is not who you can be.


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