What’s your Separation Statement at a Listing? Part 2/2

One major thing that’s going to take your listing presentation to the next level, is for you to have a very clear separation statement.

Instead of you just walking in and saying, “Hey, listen, take me through and let’s have a look at this property…” what you want to do is something different to other agents. This training video reveals what the million dollar agents are saying at the moment…

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00:00 The next thing that’s going to take your listing presentation to irresistible is for you to have a very clear separation statement. So instead of you just walking in and saying, “Hey, listen, take me through and let’s have a look at this property,” what you want to do is do something different to other agents, and here’s a really good example.

00:27 I have some agents that tell me that one of the things that they do very early on when they get to the front door, you say to the owner, “Do you mind if we can sit down and have a quick chat for a few moments?” They sit down and then they say, “In three years of us doing research on what people want to hear when we come over to value people’s houses, it’s the following: They want to find out what the value of their property is in this market. They want to find out what the market’s like. They want to find out how long it’s taking to sell a property. They want to find out what method of sale works best … example; auctions, for sale by negotiation, or putting a price on it.

01:19 They also want to know what our commission is. They want to know what we charge, and they also want to know if there’s any additional costs like advertising and where the advertising will be placed to get the ideal buyer of this property. They also want to know a little bit about me and why my agency would be a good agency to do business with. So, my intention today, Mr. and Mrs. [Vendor 00:01:48] is to actually cover these things. What I’d like to do is to start off with is ask you, is there anything else you’d like me to cover today?”

02:02 Now, if they say no, say, “Great. Can I ask you would you please take me through the property now? I’m going to pull out a folder and I’m going to take some copious notes. At the end of that, I may ask you some questions as well and we’ll come back to this table and we’ll go through all those bullet points I went through and I’ll make sure I’ll answer any other questions you have. At the end of this process, we can work out what the next steps are going to be.”

02:37 Guys and girls, at a role play, as you can see, I’m not talking about having a scripted presentation, but I’m talking about having a structured presentation. One that is very clear. One that explains to an owner what’s going to happen. One that’s going to keep you on track instead of just going around in the flow, and you’ll notice one that always says, “If we cover all of that and you’re happy, we’ll talk about the next steps.”

03:08 Guys and girls, the last thing that a really good listing presentation has got is evidence-based case studies, and those case studies include a file which you can use such, as on iBooks, or you can actually take them hard copy where you’ve got a copy of the agency agreement, a brochure, marketing, open house sheets, what it sold for. And what you do is you go through these case studies reverse engineering each property that you’ve sold and say, “This sold for this. These were the buyers. This is where they came from. This was the marketing plan. This is what the Vendors did when they listed with us, and this is what they invested in and this is what they paid.”

04:01 Reverse engineering and explaining two or three case studies of properties that are similar are going to allow an owner to understand that this is not a guinea pig experiment, that you’ve done this many times before. All the templates I just spoke about including pre list questions, the listing presentation questions you should be asking. In addition to that, other agents that are using iBooks and case studies are in the Real Estate Gym. If you want to know more, look at this.

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